The Ultimate Status Symbol is an apparel site that gives back. The Ultimate Status Symbol was officially launched in May 2016. Two friends merged together with one idea in mind to start an apparel company and to use this company to bring Jesus Christ back to the forefront of America’s Values by creating a Christian Apparel company.

The Ultimate Status Symbol mission is to get our communities to work together and promote a better and more successful future for everyone through Christ.

“Sharing Jesus Christ through one T-Shirt at a time”

Since the beginning, Christians have been under attack and now in recent years, we are losing even more. God is being removed from many things that have brought this country together. Recently God has been removed from prayer in schools, Merry Christmas is now Happy Holiday’s, political correctness is the standard and several other restrictions in our country is the new normal. We need to stop this NOW!

We feel it is not enough just to speak His Words but to show His presence through wearable products that can start a conversation about faith. To serve God and our Lord Jesus Christ…churches, ministries and all people, The Ultimate Status Symbol was born. The first project was a T-Shirt with the Cross made of the words “The Ultimate Status Symbol” and by God’s will, the inspirational creations keep coming for us to share and spread for all who love our father Jesus Christ. We are SO PROUD of our work and hope you feel the same and help to spread the love of our Lord.

We have noticed with all the Christians in the world, less than 3 percent wear something proclaiming they are a believer. Christianity should not be a silent action but a visible testimony.

It’s not what we do but why – to better the knowledge of our Father Jesus Christ in all communities; to get our shirts out to people and to raise funds that our schools and non-profits desperately need. Also, to save our local communities and help them prosper. A fund will be started for every product sold and a percentage of all proceeds generated will be donated to Christian Missions.